A Sunny Place For Shady People

Unwavering spirit, great music, a place to share a beverage or a thought, a place where anything is possible, anytime. A place where people tell their stories un-distracted, stripped of veneer, of pretense and of charade. A space to just be.

Bring The Parrot home with you!

Last Chance

  • Who We Are

    As someone once said, “if there was a recipe for this place, and someone took the care to write it down, I’m sure we would have lost it by now.”

    Our History 
  • What The People Want

    We are constantly blown away by our live music lineup... if you plan on checking out the music at The Parrot you’d better pack a lunch.

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  • Watch Live

    See what you're missing or wave to a friend on our Bar Cam... snag a front-row balcony seat at Soundcheck on our Stage Cam.

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